The art of animation and video constitute the modernity of a new branch of art since it is not only with brushes and pencils, but also making use of technology as a tool to build anything between entire worlds and fantastic stories. Art has evolved with the progression of the human being in all areas and has been reflecting each stage of history in many ways. Particularly, animated art and video have also been a reflection of that history since they have even gone around the story being a reflection of the cultural conditions in their different epochs. In the 21st century, it seems to be the reflection of that cultural modernity and the evolution of thought making use of technology to transform our reality. Therefore, art is also disrupted by all the elements that result in Virtual Reality, artificial intelligence for domestic use and recently interactive films in which the spectator ceased to be a passive spectator and now plays a leading role in each interactive movie. The vastness of animated art is immeasurable, and its importance is fundamental.

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