We live in an era of inventions, including new languages. The language of compassion and respect is fast disappearing into the dustbin of history, to be replaced by symbols, codes, icons. We have trouble understanding each other. We don’t seem to get along. We seem to have lost a common narrative of being human. Siri and Alexa don’t know you. The outer cosmos has no idea who I am.


     These digital images are all based on CAD models, using the language of the computer to create a new species that I call Newanderthals. If they blast into space as nanobots and self-replicate, will they recognize us as their progenitors? Will they ask what we were good for? Were we good for anything, or only the badass offspring of a decimated Mother Earth? Will we self-destruct, exhaust the generous resources of our planet?


     After 41 years creating a new digital iconography to reflect this brand new language of vision, I have no answers. Does anyone? Do you?

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